Friday, July 17, 2009

Sombdi, day 55 of Autumn, 575.

Oh my did I have an adventure today! I went around exploring some more of the town and BOY is there a lot of things that are fishy around here! (Besides the thoom. And the fish.) While exploring South Town I found many things that were a tad odd. First of all the language that some of the natives used was a bit... Off.

Then I went to check out the wedding chapel. Much to my surprise it was RIDDLED with alcohol! This must be why the puddlebean divorce rate is so high! Even just thinking about such an awful thing forced my slight stutter to return!

After I got over the alcohol business (and took a few sips) I headed further into south town, only to discover a sign warning about twinkly lights and the danger they may bring about! Quickly I rushed into the Sun Dragon pub thingy to warn everyone in there!

(Disclaimer: Apparently his name is Kandrus. Not Will Robinson. An honest mistake.)
After all of this fuss I went back to Town Square but immediately was drawn towards a well. There seemed to be a little boy trapped in there!

I rushed to go find help! Shadowmutt was very helpful, as you can see.

With a bit of work we finally got Little Timmy out of the well. Unfortunately Little Timmy turned out to be a Darshak and HE TOOK ME FOR MY COINS AGAIN WTF.

Damn darshak and their trickery!

Lundi, day 50 of Autumn, 575. (Continued)

So continuing upon what happened yesterday(considering I totally forgot to tell half o' what happened to me that day!)
I finally DID go and exchange my barley for some coinage. Major coinage. EIGHTEEN WHOLE COINS(as opposed to eighteen half coins)

After receiving that hefty sum of money I decided to see if Witkus or wiktus or wiskit whatever his name is, wanted my hand axe. He didn't. And darshak jumped me. I wasn't happy. Especially since they robbed me! But they only took one coin so I wasn't too upset. Although now I was down to 17 coins >:/
Udon came to help me out and we /POSE ANGRY'D them into OBLIVION >:OOOO

It was fun :). Then after that I decided I'd do a bit of farming and set out to go buy a kudzu seedling...
And then... When I got there... I became so enraged that I RIPPED THE HEADS OFF OF THOSE TWO RATS! You can see WHY I became so enraged. FREAKIN' DARSHAK!!!!!

RAWRRRRRR! Anyways, after that I went wanderin' around town and found two kitties that seem to think they're humans. Silly kitties.

Silly booboo wants to be kahn'stple :)

Silly boots you can't be a knight!

Also: Resemblance?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lundi, day 50 of Autumn, 575.

After spending a day inside the library hangin' around with Libra Ann and readin' up on a bit of troilus trainin' I decided to head out and exchange my bundle of barley for a bit o' spare change at the brewery. However, as I left and went into TC I saw a guy SETTING HIMSELF ON FIRE WTF

Then to make matters even WORSE I overheard a conversation between a stinky pirate and his stinky pirate friends!

What is with this town?! Suicide missions? Clones? FEN IN THE /POSE ANGRY POSITION?!?!

These exiles seem to have no common decency! Why if I didn't know any better I'd think they were a bunch of low-life rotten criminals who were exiled to this land by a big green emporer for various crimes and once they came here settled on the land, and now protect it as if it's their home!

Also: Resemblance?


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sombdi, day 48 of Autumn, 575

So today was my first day checkin' out this town called "Puddleby." I used ta hear about it all the time back when I was livin' in South Forest. I'd be like hidin' in a tree and people would go by all "zomgzies town's in trouble!"

Anyways, my first day here was... Interesting ta say the least. Lemme just start off by sayin' these folks are flat-out CRAZY! And not the good "oh look at that silly homeless guy over there dancin' fer coins" kind of crazy. I mean the kind of crazy where you RAFFLE OFF ORGANS!!! SRSLYWTF

That poor Baffina girl :/
Welp at least now I know to watch out for this "Rufus" guy.(Pictured above. Not the naked molerat)
So after that I went wanderin' around a bit to see if I could find anythin' interestin' ta do. In my curiosity I waltzed into this nice lookin' shack and WHAM MORE WEIRDNESS!

Ew. And ew. And more ew. I'm a bit wary about this town after discovering these dark, dark secrets that it holds... However my curiosity has been piqued and I shall reside here! ...In the comfort and protection of the very safe library!