Friday, July 17, 2009

Lundi, day 50 of Autumn, 575. (Continued)

So continuing upon what happened yesterday(considering I totally forgot to tell half o' what happened to me that day!)
I finally DID go and exchange my barley for some coinage. Major coinage. EIGHTEEN WHOLE COINS(as opposed to eighteen half coins)

After receiving that hefty sum of money I decided to see if Witkus or wiktus or wiskit whatever his name is, wanted my hand axe. He didn't. And darshak jumped me. I wasn't happy. Especially since they robbed me! But they only took one coin so I wasn't too upset. Although now I was down to 17 coins >:/
Udon came to help me out and we /POSE ANGRY'D them into OBLIVION >:OOOO

It was fun :). Then after that I decided I'd do a bit of farming and set out to go buy a kudzu seedling...
And then... When I got there... I became so enraged that I RIPPED THE HEADS OFF OF THOSE TWO RATS! You can see WHY I became so enraged. FREAKIN' DARSHAK!!!!!

RAWRRRRRR! Anyways, after that I went wanderin' around town and found two kitties that seem to think they're humans. Silly kitties.

Silly booboo wants to be kahn'stple :)

Silly boots you can't be a knight!

Also: Resemblance?

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