Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sombdi, day 48 of Autumn, 575

So today was my first day checkin' out this town called "Puddleby." I used ta hear about it all the time back when I was livin' in South Forest. I'd be like hidin' in a tree and people would go by all "zomgzies town's in trouble!"

Anyways, my first day here was... Interesting ta say the least. Lemme just start off by sayin' these folks are flat-out CRAZY! And not the good "oh look at that silly homeless guy over there dancin' fer coins" kind of crazy. I mean the kind of crazy where you RAFFLE OFF ORGANS!!! SRSLYWTF

That poor Baffina girl :/
Welp at least now I know to watch out for this "Rufus" guy.(Pictured above. Not the naked molerat)
So after that I went wanderin' around a bit to see if I could find anythin' interestin' ta do. In my curiosity I waltzed into this nice lookin' shack and WHAM MORE WEIRDNESS!

Ew. And ew. And more ew. I'm a bit wary about this town after discovering these dark, dark secrets that it holds... However my curiosity has been piqued and I shall reside here! ...In the comfort and protection of the very safe library!

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