Friday, July 17, 2009

Sombdi, day 55 of Autumn, 575.

Oh my did I have an adventure today! I went around exploring some more of the town and BOY is there a lot of things that are fishy around here! (Besides the thoom. And the fish.) While exploring South Town I found many things that were a tad odd. First of all the language that some of the natives used was a bit... Off.

Then I went to check out the wedding chapel. Much to my surprise it was RIDDLED with alcohol! This must be why the puddlebean divorce rate is so high! Even just thinking about such an awful thing forced my slight stutter to return!

After I got over the alcohol business (and took a few sips) I headed further into south town, only to discover a sign warning about twinkly lights and the danger they may bring about! Quickly I rushed into the Sun Dragon pub thingy to warn everyone in there!

(Disclaimer: Apparently his name is Kandrus. Not Will Robinson. An honest mistake.)
After all of this fuss I went back to Town Square but immediately was drawn towards a well. There seemed to be a little boy trapped in there!

I rushed to go find help! Shadowmutt was very helpful, as you can see.

With a bit of work we finally got Little Timmy out of the well. Unfortunately Little Timmy turned out to be a Darshak and HE TOOK ME FOR MY COINS AGAIN WTF.

Damn darshak and their trickery!

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